We Love to Fish!

Let’s be honest, we’ll never be on the Bassmaster classic, but that doesn’t diminish our passion for fishing! Whether it’s mooching for salmon off the coast of Alaska, or worming for bass on Greenwood lake in South Carolina, we just plain love to fish. Speaking of which, not a paid endorsement, but we love Shelter Cove in Craig, AK. And if you ever want a sure thing on Lake Hartwell, call my buddy Brandon, and he’ll have you hooked up on a nice 5 pounder in no time.

On the left, my old man is holding up a bass he caught on Lake Greenwood, with a rod he built himself. I’m holding a couple of rock bass we plucked out of the Pacific while fishing in Alaska. Those fish are a riot to catch, huge hits!

It is this zeal that drives us at Piscari. We share your love for the sport! Just like you, we never get enough days on the water, and just like you, we care about quality fishing tackle. Let us help elevate your rods with quality cork and EVA grips.

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