humble beginnings

Humble Beginnings

I took this picture when we were first building the infrastructure for our company. We bought a dust collector that was probably 2 full horsepower bigger than what it needed to be, and spent way too much money on a high end compressed air system. That’s rough-cut cedar board, just for aesthetics, lovingly placed behind the ducting and air pipes. We are proud of the facility we’ve built, and we’re proud of our product, but we had no idea how challenging the endeavor would be.

When we created Piscari, we knew it would be tough to lock horns with large established overseas companies that had dominated the market for so long. But it was important to us to offer a high-quality product to rod building anglers, with a superior level of customer service. We’ve seen rod builders settle for substandard imported cork and EVA, only to find it’s out of stock, or designed to fit a reel seat they have no interest in putting on their rods. We’ve been committed to building a manufacturing facility that could produce the quality that rod builders wanted, and be conscious of their margins at the same time.

We’re still cutting our teeth in the manufacturing world, but one thing is for certain, we are serious about making high quality fishing rod grips. Whether you’re a rod-building start-up, or a decades old established brand, everyone has to start somewhere. Our start certainly has been a humble one. We have boot-strapped every inch of this thing to best serve the finest rod building anglers in the world.  We’ve burned the boats, we’re all in.

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